NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave (September 2021)

NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave (September 2021)

It was an amazing experience being a part of NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave,2021 -Transcending Business with Disruptive Technologies. NTIC provides a great platform to discover and learn more about the innovations as well as the strategy in the digital ecosystem. We exhibited a virtual booth this year and our founder Sarvesh Devi was one of the speakers at the event. Sarvesh spoke about ‘Accelerating Edge AI’, the challenges that persist in the edge AI ecosystem currently, and how our platform can help overcome these.

A short gist of Sarveshs speech: “Edge AI is one of the rapidly growing fields and provides great potential to leverage AI capabilities in different use cases. Though there are many challenges like lack of hardware standards, selecting the right frameworks and tools, integrating the technology stack, limited available expertise which is restricting the use of Edge AI. Our platform provides a means to overcome these challenges and enable companies to leverage AI at the Edge easily and efficiently. “

NTIC provided a great platform to network, explore amazing ways technology is being used to solve problems, and showcase our platform. We enjoyed being a part of this event and interacting with the technology enthusiasts.

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