EDGENeural.ai featured as one of the 30-startups to watch by Inc42 in July 2021

EDGENeural.ai featured as one of the 30-startups to watch by Inc42 in July 2021

We are delighted to be featured as one of the 30 start-ups to watch by Inc42 in July 2021. It features some of the start-ups providing products and services for the digital ecosystem and being a part of this list is remarkable.

Edge AI is a combination of Edge computing and AI. It means to bring the AI on the edge devices thereby bringing the processing of AI workloads on the edge. It is one of the rapidly growing fields and is finding great potential in real-world use cases. Though deploying AI on edge is a challenging task due to high costs, limited available expertise, extensive time frames, and scalability issues. To overcome these snags, we have built a unified, cloud-neutral, and hardware-agnostic platform- ENAP Studio. Our work towards simplifying the complex task of taking AI to Edge is the distinguishing factor that made us a startup to watch.

ENAP provides a software-defined platform to carry out the AI development cycle for the edge devices, ready for production at scale. It will help engineers and developers train, optimize, deploy and manage edge AI neural networks quickly and efficiently without going into a cost overrun. EDGENeural caters to big enterprises and SMBs looking for/providing edge-specific AI solutions minus the ‘cloud’ operations to achieve better results and reduce costs. By utilizing our platform developers and businesses can accelerate the time to market up to 5x, reduce down the cost up to 75% and improve performance by up to 7x. Our end-to-end workflow-providing platform will be available for use on a subscription-based model.


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