Easiest way to adopt AI on Edge

Model Zoo

Access pre-trained, pre-optimized models ready for inference.

No training required. No optimization required.

Simply select the model you want to use from our library and deploy it with a simple click on any supported hardware. EDGENeural.ai makes it seamless for any AI developer to start using the platform with off-the-shelf, pre-trained deep learning models that can be used to create fast prototypes on any Edge hardware.

Pre-built optimized DNN's
Build on public data-sets
Re-train for custom data-set

Ready to Use Pre-trained, Pre-optimized Models

When you signup for ENAP Studio you can access dozens of pre-trained models that you can simply drag and drop and start using on any compatible Edge hardware. We are continuously adding new models to help developers build the best possible Edge AI applications.

EDGENeural.ai EDGE-AI Platform (ENAP)

Train, optimize, quantise and deploy edge AI neural networks