Giving AI a cutting-edge impact

Giving AI a cutting-edge impact

Having worked extensively in the Artificial Intelligence field, our founders – Sarvesh Devi and Dhairya Badiyani, found deploying AI models on resource-constrained Edge devices a challenging task for most companies. A complete understanding of the Edge AI ecosystem with expertise in hardware and software is required for taking an AI model to the edge.  Especially with the growing usage of intelligent devices and the requirement of real-time processing, there is a paradigm shift taking place towards AI on Edge.

At EDGENeural we have built a platform for the developers which will enable them to build, optimize and deploy AI models for the required hardware. The platform provides the developer a means to focus on leveraging the Edge AI potential without worrying about the complexities. Our platform can help to enhance the performance of AI models without compromising model accuracy, accelerate the time to market as well as reduce the cost. The edge AI market is rapidly growing across geographies and we want to help these businesses and developers to leverage edge AI capabilities easily and efficiently.

Dhairya Badiyani: “ Every industry will adapt to EDGE where time is critical, the device is remote and there is poor or no internet connectivity. EDGE brings in advantages of local processing, data security, and faster response time. We do not have to rely on an internet connection. Only the critical data which needs to be post-processed can be sent, but the rest of the decision-making can happen on the device.”

Sarvesh Devi: “A typical timeline to build an EDGE AI product prototype takes anywhere between three and six months. It takes another six months for a ready product or a solution. With this huge timeline, the process becomes very complex. With our platform, we can reach prototype stage in a month and production stage in the same quarter.”

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