Democratize AI with a platform to build AI-on-EDGE Models in a matter of few hours.

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What can ENAP Studio do for you?

★ Modular, fully integrated, low code platform
★ Implement end-to-end workflow with a single platform
★ Train, Optimize and Deploy Edge AI models with few clicks
★ Supports popular hardware, frameworks and models
★ Accelerate inference on Edge
★ Improve model throughput without compromising accuracy levels
★ Optimize deep learning models present in ENAP Studio within few hours
★ Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party IoT, Data Analysis Platforms
★ Facilitates complete model lifecycle management
★ Easily retrain models with just a few clicks
★ Enables model versioning to help in organizing archives

How ENAP studio makes it happen?

Brings end-to-end workflow management under one platform

ENAP Studio helps you achieve faster & better!

Activates faster, result-oriented approach towards Edge AI Development


Accelerate Time to Market


Reduction in cost of development


Accelerate Inference on Edge

Supported Hardware, Frameworks and Models

Supported Hardware
★ x86 GPU
★ NVIDIA Jetson devices – Xavier, TX2, Nano
★ NXP, Intel, Xilinx (Coming soon)
Supported Frameworks
★ PyTorch
★ TensorFlow
Supported Models
★ Classification – ResNet, VggNet, DenseNet, SqueezeNet, AlexNet
★ Detection – YOLOv3 ,YOLOv5, SSD
★ Segmentation – DeepLab (coming soon)

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